Agri Green Enterprises Inc manufactures and sells the AG MAXIMIZER hay dyer.  This revolutionary & innovative dryer was developed by forage producers to solve three major problems facing the forage industry around the globe.
  1. Poor quality hay or total crop loss as a result of wet weather or extreme heat
  2. Limited harvest windows due to adverse seasonal weather
  3. Constant uncertainty around harvest schedules leading to challenges including extra costs for equipment & manpower
The goal of any forage producer is TO PRESERVE FORAGE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE and this is exactly what the AG MAXIMIZER can do for your operation.
The AG MAXIMIZER will dry 6 large square (3'x3' or 3'x4') bales  simultaneously from 25% moisture level down to 12% or lower in approximately 15 minutes (plus cooling time) -  Preserving up to SUPREME quality forage in a variety of conditions.
Adding VALUE is the signature of the AG MAXIMIZER hay dryer


Improves Hay Quality
  • Preserves Leafage
  • Maintains Bale Weight
  • Maximizes Protein / Food Value
  • Retains Color
Reduces reliance on weather to sun-cure the hay
  • Allows producer to bale when forage has a higher moisture content
Allows producer to bale when hay has higher moisture content 

Hay can be dried when moisture content is as high as 30%!

Extends Harvest Season

Allows producer to bale earlier & later in the season when wet weather would traditionally restrict or damage harvest


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